Bees Wax

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Beneficial effects of Leatherwood Beeswax

Leatherwood honey comes from the leatherwood tree (Eucryphia lucida) which grows only in Tasmania. It is found in the deepest parts of the Tasmanian wilderness from which the bees gather the exquisitely scented nectar. It is a honey with a unique flavour and aroma, highly prized by food connoisseurs and chefs. It has been accepted into the “Ark of Taste” which is part of the world-wide Slow Food Movement ( After the leatherwood honey is extracted from the honeycomb, the remaining beeswax is collected and purified to yield leatherwood beeswax of exceptional quality and healing properties.

Beeswax is produced naturally by worker honey bees in bee hives. Many people know that beeswax is used in skin care preparations but few know that beeswax is also edible! Natural yellow beeswax is separated directly from the honeycomb and is preferred for most medicinal and cosmetic purposes.