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“From the Heart of the Tarkine”


The wild rainforests of Tasmania are the only place in the world where the rare leatherwood tree, Eucryphia lucida grows. This honey’s bold, complex and unique flavours can best be described as “tasting like the rainforest”.

Tasmanian Manuka

Made from the nectar of Leptospermum scoparium, found in Tasmania and New Zealand, manuka honey has long been reputed for its antibacterial properties.

Enjoyed for its eating quality as well as its other benefits, this honey has a strong, earthy flavour.


At Blue Hills Honey, we are one of few beekeeping families still producing honey from large stands of wild blackberries, Rubus fruticosus, which are very hard to find in Tasmania.

This honey is highly sought after for its light, delicate flavour and aroma.


The fertile farmlands and meadows on the edge of the Tarkine wilderness are often referred to as “the food bowl of Australia”; the farmers there have a reputation for skilfully caring for the land. Our bees produce this beautiful honey from the clover flowers that grow in the farmers’ meadows, as well as the gums and wildflowers that grow alongside their small streams.

The mild flavours of meadow honey are widely popular.

Tarkine Wilderness

Our Tarkine Wilderness Honey is renown for its high quality. This owes much to the placement our beehives deep in Tarkine rainforests. We do this for extended periods, allowing our bees to collect nectar from the blossoms of a diverse range of rainforest plants. This means the flavour and aroma of this wilderness honey can vary naturally – deliciously – from batch to batch and season to season; it provides lovers of high quality honey with with a truly unique gastronomic experience.

Our process of cold extraction ensures that our Wilderness Honey retains all of the flavours and aromas of the wilderness; it’s pure, wild honey.

Manuka and Leatherwood Blend

Our Manuka Leatherwood Blend brings these prized honeys together creating a full-bodied flavour that is both earthy and spicy. Our honey is harvested and packed by second generation apiarist, Robert Charles and his small team.

Our process of cold extraction ensures that this unique blend retains all of the flavours and aromas of the wilderness: it’s pure, wild honey.


Each jar in our Tomella range is part of a small batch that has been handpicked by owner and second generation apiarist, Robert Charles, as the very best of our annual harvest.

Our process of cold extraction ensures that it retains all of the flavours and aromas of the wilderness; it’s pure, wild honey.